Easy Ways to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online

Easy Ways to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online

Even if you have forgotten your vehicle insurance details or lost your policy documents, you can easily check whether your vehicle is still insured. From your insurance company, your renewal date and other general information can be tracked from your insurance provider. 

The internet has made several insurance transactions efficient and fast. New-age digital insurance providers are at the forefront of offering the best after-sales service. Read on to find out how to check vehicle insurance status online.


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Ways to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online:

There are two scenarios — checking the insurance status of your vehicle or you might want to know the accident history of the vehicle which caused the accident. Let’s review both situations.

In case you have met with an unfortunate accident, and you are not aware of the insurance details of the vehicle which caused the accident, you can find the information like history of the accident vehicle, vehicle registration number, etc. This can be easily found through the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). The IIB maintains records of vehicles from 1 April 2010 in digital format. 

Through this web portal, you can find a car insurance status check in India. Below are the steps you must follow to check your car or bike insurance status online:

• Step 1:

Keep all the details required such as name, location of the accident (if known), date of the accident, mobile number, email ID, vehicle registration number and the address.

• Step 2:

Log in to the IIB web portal and enter all the required information in the mandatory fields.

• Step 3:

If you are unable to get the insurance details with the vehicle registration number, you can search with details such as vehicle engine number or chassis number.